This season, contestants compete in hellish challenges for a chance at safety--and a heavenly cash prize--in Mad House 8: Heaven and Hell
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 Week 7 - Good Night, and Good Luck

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Week 7 - Good Night, and Good Luck Empty
PostSubject: Week 7 - Good Night, and Good Luck   Week 7 - Good Night, and Good Luck Clock10Mon May 07, 2018 4:22 pm

"So, well... it's funny. I never cared about the competition, or so I thought... but now I'm not sure, since getting voted out kind of sucks. Maybe I actually did care, and I was just denying it. I don't know. It's weird, because I /DID/ do what I came here to do - I got footage for my project. So why do I feel so weird about it?

"Whatever. I doubt anyone was really that ~saddened~ by my leaving, and I don't have a lot of people to thank. Shoutout to Trixie for actually stickin' by me, I promise if you win I'll take you pub crawling. That seems like a thing you'd like. Jay too, I guess, since he actually manned up and we came to an understanding on things. Everyone else can bite it."

"I'd also like to thank my production team for the work they're gonna have to do on this movie, as well as my friends back home for not calling me a sellout when I said I was going to do this. Also, my boyfriend- I'll see you back at home!"

"That's all from me. Hopefully this game has an interesting end. Peace."

(thanks to everyone else in this season and to the viewers!! ...even though you nominated cc in the end lmao. cya later!)
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Week 7 - Good Night, and Good Luck
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