This season, 16 houseguests are after THE JACKPOT! When they roll the dice, will they be willing to bluff and win it all?
Find out on Mad House 6: Casino!This season it's all or nothing, and we're stacked with wildcards.
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 Week 8 - Message From Home

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Week 8 - Message From Home Empty
PostSubject: Week 8 - Message From Home   Week 8 - Message From Home Clock10Sat May 12, 2018 2:06 pm

"HouseGuests, please gather in the Living Room!" Val calls. She waits impatiently for each of them to arrive and take a spot.

When they each arrive, Val continues. "Hello HouseGuests. I hope you're all doing okay. It's Week 8 and I'm sure you're all missing your family very much. So, the production reached out to some of your loved ones and we have a very special something to show each of you! ROLL THE TAPE!"

Val suddenly disappears from the screen and the videos from home start playing.

~~~~ Quintin's Tape ~~~~
Stacey: Hi Quintin, it’s your mother!
Xavier: and your father.
Stacey: thank you thank you thank you for making jury!
Xavier: Your mother and I are going to savor these last three weeks without you!
Stacey: We are rooting for everyone but you!
Xavier: We despise you.
Stacey: Hashtag Quintin is Over Party!
Xavier: Oh, and one last thing.
Stacey: I’m expecting!
Xavier: You’re having a baby sister.
Stacey: Hopefully she doesn’t grow up to be like you. Kisses!

~~~~ Jay's Tape ~~~~
‘Well hello there.’ A lady with short black hair, a fair skin and a friendly smile is seen sitting in a chair in a sterile environment. ‘Oh Janny, I don’t know where to start.’ She clearly has an accent and struggles with finding the right words. She folds her hands and shows a weak smile. ‘Why didn’t you tell us you entered this Mad House show? You’re not embarrassed, are you?  When I got a call we simply couldn’t believe it.’ Her eyes twinkle. ‘You are a true international star. Our son is famous over there too, Maarten.’

She stands up, grabs the camera and turns it showing a different angle. ‘You don’t think I’m alone now do you? Say hi to pa.’  The bedridden and sick looking man tilts his head to the side to look at the camera. Nothing happens for a while. Then, a huge grin appears on his face. He scrapes his throat, and an unexpectedly cheerful voice leaves his mouth. ‘Jan-Willempie ik ben trots.’ he beams. ‘They told me to do it in English, Maarten.’ Jay’s mom states. ‘Right, right! I’ll try. Jan, or should I say Jay? I guess you took that stage name huh? Suits you, Tijger. You are doing so great… Your mom and I are so proud of you.’ A lone tear streams down his face. ‘I know you. Don’t you dare worry about me. It’s about you now. Show those bastards the power of a… Trubel, I guess.’ He has a coughing fit and lies down again. ‘I’ll be fine… Fine… We hope you come visit us soon.’ His mom ends the message. ‘We love you.’

~~~~ Jamila's Tape ~~~~
The screen shows a man that looks to be 40 years old, a middle aged woman with a scar on her mouth, she looks to be about 45 but looks youthful and a girl that looks to be 7.

The woman begins to speak in a thick Arabic accent "Laila Saida ben-tii!! We miss you so much Jamila. It hasn't been the same here without you. You have been making the whole country of Morocco proud. You need to get a win though, I don't know how this game really works since I hate reality tv but you need to win. Also for the love of Allah, wear your hijab!" The father then begins to speak "Jamila, it hasn't been the same, I'm used to seeing you reading your textbooks all the damn time in your little library. You're really showing your smarts from the game, I'm so proud of you. You really got most of your smarts from me," he then smiles and the mother hits him on the back of the head "seer tkaffat!"

The father starts to laugh harder then the little girl starts to speak "I miss you big sis!! Win this show so you can come home." They all then shout "kan hubek! Ma arsalama." Jamila's father then gets up, struggles to turn on the camera into which Jamila's mom comes over and turns it off for him while glaring at him.

~~~~ Trixie's Tape ~~~~
Trixie’s mother is sitting on her home’s sofa next to her sister (Trixie’s aunt). Loud music can be heard in the background as family friends are partying in her house “Ohhhh baby girl, I’m so proud of you, can you imagine, MY daughter is on the top 6 competitors of a reality show, what a goal she accomplished” Trixie’s aunt nods.

“It’s way better that she’s out there making herself famous instead of going to work on those nasty dance clubs, pimping herself! UGH, and I’m glad that she left her grown ass boyfriend to be on the show. I really hope they break up so my baby can win the money and finally get into college. I’m rooting for you Trixie just like everybody here, say bye everyone.” They both wave as the message ends.

~~~~ Rae's Tape ~~~~
Rae's video message from home springs to life with  SO MUCH damn noise that it's infuriating. At least 20 (probably more) people are talking and laughing with each other, all crammed in the SMALLEST dorm room ever, while the camerawoman tries desperately to get them to calm down.

"We're RECORDING, like, can you not? Thanks."

Despite how rowdy they were being, the crowd died down pretty soon after that and the camerawoman started directing people to step forward. First up was some certified beefcake in an MSU jersey. "Whole team's rootin' for ya, Rae, but on the off-chance you lose... You can always," he smirked and flexed, and a a mixture of laughs and groans is heard in the background. "I've got a whole lotta shoulder to cry on."

"Okay, eew," a lanky blonde pushed him aside. "Cunny's already got enough STDs, she doesn't need you adding to the count." With a grin so wide it threatened to run right off her face, the blonde turned her attention back to the camera. "But, Gamma Gamma Beta Phi is rooting for you too! Just don't lose--it'll make Michigan look bad and we already get enough weirdos doing that on reality shows. And," she glanced around, pursing her lips and cocking a hip. "Nobody else here's really relevant... So," the blonde pointed to about five other people--seemingly from different cliques, considering how the crowds had situated themselves around the room. "Fight song. Now."

The chosen few made it up to the front and started in on the MSU fight song, with the others attempting to join in but stumbling over most of the words.

"Spartan teams are never beaten,
All through the games they fight
Fight for the only colord,

The longer this video went on, the more obvious it was that they'd just filmed something during a frat party. Everyone was high. Some people were topless. The room was a mess. Beer everywhere. What a life.


~~~~ Ryan's Tape ~~~~
The screen turns on showing a blonde curly haired little girl, no more than 6, sitting next to a woman with her hair dirty blonde hair in a bun. Both look extremely similar to Ryan.

"Hi daddy! It's me, Scarlet!" The little girl grins widely and reveals missing teeth. She speaks with a little bit of a lisp. "I miss you so much! I hope you win ALL of the money so we can go on a vacation! Can we go to Paris?" She turns to the woman next to her. "Auntie Rachel, do you think daddy will take us to Paris?"

Rachel laughs and turns to Scarlet. "He better."

Scarlet then smiles again and continues. "Auntie Rachel is SO much fun, daddy! We go to the park after school and we talk about boys and do our make up and our nails! And I've been doing SO good in school daddy! Mrs. Smith said I'm the bestest student in the WHOLE school!!"

Rachel then begins talking. "She has! But Scarlet its time to say by to your daddy now."

Scarlet frowns. "Aw.. okay. Bye daddy! See you soon! I miss you and I LOVE you and I can't wait until you win A BAJILLION DOLLARS!"

Rachel laughs. "Bye big brother! See you soon! Love you!"

The videos ends.

Val appears back on the screen. "That's all for now HouseGuests. Get ready for the Power of Protection competition - it'll be starting soon!"
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Week 8 - Message From Home Empty
PostSubject: Re: Week 8 - Message From Home   Week 8 - Message From Home Clock10Sun May 13, 2018 1:56 pm

Jamila smiles and starts laughing while tearing up. She looks at the camera, blows a kiss "Kan hubek. Sorry ma-ma, I'll try to wear my hijab" she looks over at everyone else. This is the first time she has felt similar to the other contestants and was touched by their films too. Usually she doesn't show emotions but this was a time she could.
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Week 8 - Message From Home Empty
PostSubject: Re: Week 8 - Message From Home   Week 8 - Message From Home Clock10Sun May 13, 2018 5:16 pm

That... Was NOT what he expected. Val rewarding them with messages from home... Is she getting MILD??? He graciously accepted this reward of course but... Ouch. Ouch ouch ouch.
Quintin's tape plays first, with his... uhm, 'loving' family telling him to f*ck off basically... Great?
Then his tape plays. What a contrast..... His- his parents....

He weakly smiles when he sees them, clearly struggling not to show any other emotion but happiness.

Week 8 - Message From Home Tenor

He whispers 'thank you' and 'love you too' after the tape ends and turns away from the other houseguests to catch his breath. He's not gonna cry. He's not. NOT this time. He just needs a moment. In the meantime the other tapes get played and he listens while recovering from that emotional message. Still not crying... Still not crying...
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Week 8 - Message From Home Empty
PostSubject: Re: Week 8 - Message From Home   Week 8 - Message From Home Clock10Sun May 13, 2018 11:34 pm

First and foremost, Rae was happy that her real family had been the ones to send the message, not those rednecks back home. Just thinking about it made her anxious--she didn't wanna be judged as for pool parties in truck beds and eating roadkill. It was bad enough nobody liked her here for playing the game in what she saw as a moral fashion.

Seeing the actual touching messages from home that others got (well, except Quintin) did soften her up a bit though. Rae noticed Jay stepping away, but stayed to the end to make sure she saw her message. When it was over, she headed in his general direction. She might not TRUST HIM right now, but that didn't mean that she wasn't gonna be his friend damnit!

"Hoooooooney, are you okay?"
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Week 8 - Message From Home Empty
PostSubject: Re: Week 8 - Message From Home   Week 8 - Message From Home Clock10Mon May 14, 2018 3:19 pm

Rae is such a sweetheart... Jay hoped no one would notice him turning around but she did unfortunately. At the same time it was really sweet that she cared to check on him. He waves it off and looks at Rae with slightly watery eyes. Still not crying.

'...Yeah, I just need a moment. I'll be fine, but thank you Rae.' He nods at her and gives her a wink showing he's okay. He looks at the others, seeing that the tapes ended. 'I'll be in the garden, I want some fresh air.' with that, he leaves the living room.
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Week 8 - Message From Home Empty
PostSubject: Re: Week 8 - Message From Home   Week 8 - Message From Home Clock10Mon May 14, 2018 5:14 pm

Quintin wipes the tear off his cheek “God, I miss them so much.”
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PostSubject: Re: Week 8 - Message From Home   Week 8 - Message From Home Clock10

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Week 8 - Message From Home
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