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 Mad House 4 Finale - The Jury Questions

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PostSubject: Mad House 4 Finale - The Jury Questions   Mad House 4 Finale - The Jury Questions Clock10Wed May 30, 2018 1:04 am

Val smiles at the camera. "We’re back! So, we’ve just recently spoke to the pre-jury about their thoughts on this season but now its time to speak to The Jury! And, let me just tell you, they’ve got A LOT of questions! So please welcome... Jedd, Natalie, De'Quan, Harley, C.C., Trixie, Quintin, Jay and, the most recent jury member, RYAN to the stage!"

The audience cheers and claps as each of them walk out and take their spots in the chairs. The other jurors are shocked at Ryan's exit. "Ah, yes! Just a few moments ago, Jamila was crowned the Final House Ambassador of the season and chose to evict Ryan and take Rae to the final two."

She grins at the jurors. "So, guys... one by one you’ve been evicted. And I’m sure you’re all ITCHING to get your questions answered. So let’s start.

So, Jay's question is for Jamila. Jay asks,
"Everyone knows that you and Quintin were a duo that stood strong in this game. He however seemed to dominate your alliance. Do you think you would have made it this far without his help? And if not, why do you still think you earn the win?"

Natalie's question is for Rae. Natalie asks,
"Rae, if there was anything you could change about your game play, what would it be?"

Harley's question is for Jamila. Harley asks,
"Alright, plain and simple. Give me a reason to vote for you over the person next to you. I can't give the win to someone who I don't think deserves it."

C.C.'s question is for Rae. C.C. asks,
"Rae: All in all, how often do you think you did the right thing during the game?"

De'Quan's question is for Jamila. De'Quan asks,
"Jamila, I think it's insane how you were never nominated even once in 9 weeks. Do you think that it's a good thing that you made it this far without being on the block or winning comps throughout the season?"

Jedd’s question is for Rae. Jedd asks,
"Ayyy Ri-Ri! So happy you made it this far! Do you think it was a smart technique when you were in two alliances?"

Quintin's question is for Jamila. Quintin asks,
"Jamila, during your experience on the show, how do you think the choices you made including taking Rae to the F2 than Ryan will give you the win?"

Trixie's question is for Rae. Trixie asks,
"If you could pinpoint one move that brought you to this spot, what would you say that move is?"

Ryan's question is for Rae. Ryan asks,
"Rae, you are the person I have been closest to the entire game. So I know that outside of the game you are a good person. But in a game that requires you to be dirty at times, how could you justify making certain dirty moves and not admitting to making those dirty moves or admitting to being a dirty player?"
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Mad House 4 Finale - The Jury Questions Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mad House 4 Finale - The Jury Questions   Mad House 4 Finale - The Jury Questions Clock10Wed May 30, 2018 2:20 am

Jamila walks out and sees all the past contestants. She knew this was gonna happened so she tried to think about what they'd ask her. She looks love at Jay and nods "Well yes Quintin and I were close but I don't think he's the sole reason why I'm here. Yes he was a good ally but I used more than just him to make it to the end. We both ended up winning the same amount of challenges if you count the one that the audience voted me to win. So if you think he carried me, he did not. His decisions we usually made together anyway and I used my persuasion to get others to vote off who I wanted most of the time. Even if we disagreed with who to send home such as the week we sent C.C. home, I still got my way. So long answer short, I could make it to the end without his help but his help is appreciated and it did contribute to me being here today but the main reason I'm here is because I played a smart and strategic game."

Jamila then looks over at Harley. At least she's being honest. "While Rae was a good competitor, I did not see her make many power moves. The only big moves she made were going against an alliance she had and then nominating De'Quan and that was very early on. After that, one by one her alliance members, friends or whathaveyou got evicted. Meanwhile most of my alliances members stayed longer even when Quintin and I were clearly a strong duo, he stayed until the end. Even when I had targets on my back, I never got nominated while Rae did. She in a way floated to the end because she became very quiet after you, Harley, left. She was still nice but she didn't talk any strategy which is why I insisted on keeping her over some people since she floated by with not making many power moves. While I respect her as a person, I feel that I made more power plays to get to where I am while she played nice and didn't make any moves to help her game after the two. I worked my way to get here while she worked her way then just stopped strategizing and just relied on her niceness to make people want to save her."

She then smiles at De'Quan them blushes "Thank you. I feel that me never being nominated is definitely a good thing and shows that my political gameplay made up for my lack of comp wins until late. I made many enemies, was involved in many fights and was aligned with people who had targets on their back yet never got nominated which hasn't happened in all four seasons of this show. People still came to me for strategy plans such as Trixie when she won house ambassador. People trusted me like that throughout the competition even though people made efforts to paint pictures that I am not a nice person and I got into arguments with them. People also never targeted me even though I won a challenge where the audience voted for the winner which should have been a big target in case the audience ever got to vote for something else. Plus I won when it mattered. There were many strong players this season and me making it to the finale shows that I played a good game and I'm a worthy person to be crowned winner. This game is not just about competition wins but also your effort and political game and I feel that I soared with both."

"Like I have been saying, my choices made my game. If it weren't for the decisions I made throughout, I wouldn't be here right now. I made decisions that helped get my rivals out without people even targeting me even though it should have been clear that I had a part in it such as Harley's nomination. If I didn't get Jay out, he would've chose Rae over me for sure. Jay and I were close but not close enough where he would take me to the final. If I then chose Ryan for the final I would've been the dumbest mad house contestant history. I could have chose him since he's a friend or because he deserves the money for his baby girl but he has won about six challenges. Bringing someone to the finale for those reasons is going to make you lose, just like Morgan did season 2. And with what I said about Rae, it would make more sense for me to take her than him. I came here set out to win, not to get second place."

She then smiles and waits for Val to make her next announcement. Butterflies going really hard in her stomach hoping that she convinced people enough.

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PostSubject: Re: Mad House 4 Finale - The Jury Questions   Mad House 4 Finale - The Jury Questions Clock10Wed May 30, 2018 2:00 pm

Rae had not been looking forward to the jury questions. This was the part of the game where she would be expected to trash talk Jamila, and pretend that all the moves she made were always right… Rae just didn’t have it in her to lie like that. She resolved to keep playing this game by her usual (confusing) morals and avoid trashing Jamila in any way.

At Natalie’s question, she smiled. Thank god her friend started her off with an easy one. “First off: hey girl!! You better be getting that good-good over at jury! Second, well…” Rae trailed off, grabbing a chunk of hair to fiddle with before deciding against showcasing her nervous tick. She’d earned her right to be here. No reason to freak out. “I feel that I should have been more aggressive with my social game. I’ve been extremely passive, and would not have made it this far if not for winning so many competitions. I came into this game wanting to treat it just like any other day on campus—make genuine connections and not strategic ones. I felt like pushing us all into stereotypical roles gave other players a chance to judge us based on nothing, so I spent more time worrying about my image than my gameplay. I’ve made mistakes here, but I have always strived to be fair and supportive to my friends—NONE of whom were in my clique—but worrying about that only hurt me MORE in the end.”

With C.C., she felt an obvious pang of guilt. “I know that my decisions weren’t always right—My hesitation to speak my mind during the formation of the Chop Shop Alliance really bit me in the butt and hurt a lot of my friends. I also truly regret promising to protect you, then having to campaign against you the very next week. If there is one thing I’ve learned from this show, it’s that you have to do unpleasant things sometimes and trying to please everyone will just hurt more people in the end. So, I didn’t do the right thing every week: I just tried to do right by my true friends, and I hope that they’ll forgive me for my less-than-admirable game moves.

OH THANK GOD, JEDD. What a precious bean. A true pal. Thank god for… Oh. Wait. Of course Jedd would be the one to bring up her double alliance. Rae flushes and forced out a sheepish smile. “Well. Um. I said in one of the other answers that the double alliance was a bad move… I only wanted to show Daddy Ryan that I was on his side, and then when the alliance asked me to do something I couldn’t bring myself to do—two somethings, actually—I realized what a huge mistake it was. I can’t take back what happened, but I can say that I am so sorry for not sticking with my gut feeling and with my original alliance. Saving Trixie over either you or Natalie? Never. Not in a million years.”

And of course, Trixie. Surprisingly the girl didn’t form a DIRECT attack on her… Interesting. “Well… I don’t think any single move secured my place here. I just found people that I could make a genuine connection with and tried to keep my group of friends strong and diverse. This game is about being likeable and forming connections at the end of the day, so saying one move got me here seems silly.”

And at last: Daddy Ryan. Delivering the killing blow. Oof, what a question. ”I, um… I think it’s impossible to play this game entirely fair or just. It’s reality tv, and even if I DID play fair and by some miracle survive, I would’ve gotten the villain edit. I know that I made dirty moves at times, but it was out of a genuine desire to protect the people I considered real friends… At the very least, I never wanted to deliver the killing blow. I tried to play defense when my friends were on the line to at least keep my own peace of mind. Do I regret it? Yea, and I will always feel some guilt, but you said yourself that this game forces you to do things you don’t want to do. We just have to justify it in different ways—by demonizing people we don’t know *coughTRIXIE AT MEcough* or by assuming someone hurt you when they never directly promised you anything.” Of course she was talking about De’Quan, but bringing it up directly seemed in poor taste. “All I can say is that I tried to be fair when the opportunity presented itself, even fucking up a strong alliance to show my dedication to my friends.”

Even if she didn’t win, Rae was feeling pretty good about her answers. At the end of the day, Jamila deserved the win just as much as she did. Rae was more invested in friendships than money anyway.
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PostSubject: Re: Mad House 4 Finale - The Jury Questions   Mad House 4 Finale - The Jury Questions Clock10

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Mad House 4 Finale - The Jury Questions
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