School's Out! Welcome to Mad House 4. This season features 16 house guests battling it out in High School Clique-themed teams.
Who are you rooting for: the Jocks, the Populars, the Nerds or the Outcasts?
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 Mad House 4 Finale - Final Speeches

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PostSubject: Mad House 4 Finale - Final Speeches   Wed May 30, 2018 1:11 am

Val appears on the TV Monitor and greets the final two. "Jamila. Rae. You've answered the questions of the jury. The time has now come for you to both make your final pleas as to why you should win the game. Jamila you're up first, followed by Rae."

Hey guys! SO, this is it. Rae and Jamila make both post their final speeches to the jury.

Once they've BOTH said their speeches, the 9 members of the jury may both PRIVATELY MESSAGE ME their vote for who they want to win (most of you have already, but feel free to change it if their jury questions or final speeches swayed your vote). You may tell me your vote either on Skype, Discord or on Notes on DeviantART.

Thats all. GOOD LUCK.
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PostSubject: Re: Mad House 4 Finale - Final Speeches   Wed May 30, 2018 2:51 am

Jamila stands in front of the camera, stomach in knots and breath heavy. She takes a deep breath and tries to think of everything she needs to say in order to fully showcase her reasons as to why she should be the winner. She folds her hands and looks up.

“I am going to start off with a Moroccan proverb that I live by ‘Amrek ma tkoul ndemt dima koul t3alemt’ it translates to never say I regret, always say I learned. That is how I saw this game, there were many learning experiences throughout. I do not have any regrets with this game even if there are people not too fond of me which I do not need to explain since the three or however many people angry with me are the ones who started drama with me and when I clapped back, I was made out to be the villain. That said, even if I made enemies, I was still able to avoid the block every single week, even the weeks where people were put on the block by other reasons other than being nominated such as an audience vote or being last in the challenge. Which is a first in all of Mad House to not be on the block ever. I even told you guys that I was a valedictorian at my high school and now college which should have a big indicator as to why I should have been targeted from the get go.

This is said even when I am the reason as to why many of you are in jury today. With Jedd and Natalie, I convinced people send you both home. While De’Quan put you up and suggested saving Trixie, I drove the nail home by expressing how you would be coming after me and my allies including De’Quan. Once you were up, I had the chance to take one of you off the block but I chose to not save either of you even though we slightly made up in your eyes because I knew that in the end, you would try to send me home even if we were a team. Plus it did not help that you called me a cunt on national television. Jedd, you were guilty by association since you two were close but you do seem nice. That move was the start of my political game since I convinced people you guys were untrustworthy even when you were both nice to most people in the game. I used what I saw from when we were a team and gave the information to De’Quan and many others.
The next person in the jury house was De’Quan sadly. He is one of the people that I really wanted to stay but everyone was set on him leaving so I decided to keep my mouth shut. While I did have a good political game, I did not want to risk it by trying to save him, especially when Rae was the house ambassador and I had not talked to her much at that point.  But with all of that, even though he put a huge target on his back, I still managed to prevent a target on my back even though I had a slight showmance with him and was really close with him. That shows that I was powerful in this game since people still trusted me and came to me even if I was aligned with people who were targets.
Next person in jury was Harley which was all my bidding. Yes, it was Trixie’s house ambassador win but she came to me asking who I should put up even though I never talked strategy to the girl. She came to me because she knew I knew a lot about the game and was a smart person to align with. I convinced her to put up Harley and I tried to get C.C. up but she would not do that which is information I then used later for my advantage since he wasn’t too trusting of me. However, it wasn’t hard to convince people to send Harley to the jury house since she was a mean spirited girl and stopped talking to everyone once she was nominated. I didn't even see her in the house that week so she made herself the clear choice, even after her racist remarks to me which she still to this day has not addressed but that is besides the point.
Next eviction was C.C. That one Ryan put him up out of nowhere which was a fortunate situation for me. Even though Ryan had Quintin on the block who was a strong competitor, I convinced him that C.C. was a bigger threat than Quintin by telling him that C.C. may have information on us since he constantly had his camera around. I also used the information I gathered from Trixie that they were close friends and would help each other out. It was really hard to convince people to send him home and not Rae, even Quintin was skeptical but I was able to show him why C.C. needed to go which further proves that I was not carried by Quintin. He usually came for my input and trust me no matter what. Which isn’t a bad thing but it shows that I had leverage in our alliance and it wasn’t all him.
After C.C, there was Trixie which it wasn’t hard to get her to go home. It is not something I take credit for but it was another enemy of mine going home and trying to start drama just because she thought I was being shady when in reality she was wrong. She thought I was talking crap when all I asked Jay was what the fight between him and Trixie were about. Then she threw shade at me because she thought I was cooking food for everyone but her. I do not know what she said in the jury house but she is far from wrong. I did not become shady with her until she started taking jabs at me because of an misunderstanding on her part.
I had no part in sending Quintin home obviously and I am really sorry that happened. I have been close friends with you since the beginning so it was hard to see you go without a vote. However, with him going, it again proves that I can play this game on my own. If I had been playing his game all along, I would not have known what to do in that eviction. However, I knew that Jay leaving was my best option while Quintin probably would have told me to vote out Ryan since Ryan had so many wins under his belt while Jay had zero.
The last two evictions were then clearly me since I won house ambassador and chose to evict them. Jay, I am really sorry that I chose to vote you off but I hope you also understand why I did it. You would have picked Rae in the end over me and she would have picked you so I would have ended up getting third place. Ryan on the other hand was my safe card since I figured that he would take me to the final 2 with him more than I thought Jay would. While I was hoping he would not win the final challenge since I would have to make an even better speech as to why I played a better game than him and I do not know if I would have been able to make a stronger case for that I still felt for safe with him in the final three. Lastly Ryan, I really am sorry. I know you have the baby girl to take care of but I am not playing for second and you have made just as many power moves as me. I couldn’t take the risk. I would be ridiculed by so many by taking you to the final just because we were friends and I felt sympathy since you have the daughter rooting for you back at home. I had to make the decision to take the person who made less power moves and I would have a better chance at winning against.
That said, I feel that I have proved myself as a worthy competitor for the win. I made it through drama, backstabbing and losing allies yet still made it to the end without ever being on the block and ended up with three wins, if you do not include the one where the fans voted. I respect Rae as a competitor so I do not wish to criticize her anymore than I had to during the jury questions as I know she would not stoop to that level and I made my points.
Besides all of this, I want to thank everybody for a wonderful experience where I could break out of my shell and start to actually act human instead of studying all the time...which is stressing me out right now but that is not of importance right now. I also want to thank Allah and my family for believing in me and helping me get through this. I would not do anything differently in this competition and I am very appreciative for what I learned from this experience.”

She smiles and sits down while fiddling with her thumbs hoping that she sold herself enough to convince even her enemies that she should win.

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PostSubject: Re: Mad House 4 Finale - Final Speeches   Wed May 30, 2018 2:25 pm

Rae had been unsure about her speech, but as Jamila went on to make some kick-ass points, she became more and more confident in her reply. When the other woman finished and sat down, Rae flashed her a quick, brilliant smile before standing to deliver her own points.

“Hey, hi, viewing audience! It’s an honor to have made it this far, first of all. Second,” she took a deep breath, held it, and exhaled as she motioned to her competitor. “I don’t have it in me to say that I deserve to win more than Jamila.” She laughed a little, turning her attention back to the camera. “I failed public speaking, like, twice in a row anyway.”

“I worked hard to dominate challenges—I put a target on my back, and early on my only intention was to push other people further in the game. As it went on and my chances of winning grew, I made some decisions that I’m not proud of. I led people to distrust me, and it’s no surprise that most of you thought I was super fake. The reality is: I am fake.”

She waited a moment before continuing—fighting through your anxiety on live TV is not fun. “I, uh. I come from a small, rural town where we eat roadkill and everyone owns three-or-more guns. I’ve always been ashamed of that, and when I went to college in this big, fancy art town? I pushed myself to create a new image. I tried so hard to be this popular cheerleader with friends from every social group, even double-crossing friends to keep up my image from time-to-time.”

“And, I’m sure you’re seeing where I’m going with this… Because I did the same thing on this show. Never out of spite—except for one specific case where a teammate was out to get me from day one—but simply out of fear of rejection. Fear that I wouldn’t be liked. Fear that I wouldn’t seem valuable enough.”

“Jamila was right to say that I played a passive game. I thought that this game would be easy—you just have to be likeable—but being here has taught me that it’s impossible to please everyone, and trying to do so just shows you as kind of a coward. Kind of messed up.”

“So, this is my big Cady Heron moment. If I had a plastic crown to destroy, I would. Instead I just wanna say that I played the game the best way I saw fit. I won a ton of challenges—which I am genuinely proud of—and I tried to protect my genuine friends.” She shrugged, stepping back and sitting down. “I messed up along the way, but it’s all part of the learning experience. Whoever wins today, I’ll be proud of making it this far and I’ll be grateful for all I’ve learned while on this show.”
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PostSubject: Re: Mad House 4 Finale - Final Speeches   Wed May 30, 2018 6:34 pm

Jamila smiles while looking up at Rae. Even if she did not talk to this girl as much as she wanted to and they were mostly on opposite sides this whole game, she was a good person. It actually hurt to talk shit for once...even for Jamila. She smiles and holds Rae's hand while waiting for the results to come in."
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PostSubject: Re: Mad House 4 Finale - Final Speeches   

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Mad House 4 Finale - Final Speeches
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