Sixteen money-hungry, fame-seeking and just plain wacky contestants signed up to endure an entire summer locked up in a house fighting for One Million Dollars!
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 Befriending Nisha

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PostSubject: Befriending Nisha   Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:24 am

"Ever since Nisha and I first spoke, back when we were settling in our room, I could tell she's a classy gal that wouldn't bullshit naturally I wanna befriend her! I spoke with her about possibly joining her alliance and she said she'll consider it! If the house becomes more and more divided, sooner or later people will be fighting for my vote, so for her and her group's sake it's best to take me in now.
I sure hope it works out, 'cause I can't seem to click with anybody except with Cash, who is always off doing his own thing. Maybe he's in Nisha's alliance? I honestly have no clue who she's been strategizing with. It doesn't really matter to me, though! Even if I'm around people I can't stand it beats being an outcast!
To my gorgeous girlies back home - know that even if I become close with Nisha, y'all are still my besties for life! Love youuu!!
And you better be taking care of them split ends, Anya!"
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Befriending Nisha
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