Sixteen money-hungry, fame-seeking and just plain wacky contestants signed up to endure an entire summer locked up in a house fighting for One Million Dollars!
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 Day 1: First Impressions

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PostSubject: Day 1: First Impressions   Mon Jul 03, 2017 2:13 pm

Manda, somehow having found some bubblegum, loudly snaps and pops for several minutes before finally speaking. "So, these people," she pops. "Are all actually super sweet. I think there's like two I haven't met yet?? But whatever. I'll get to them later."

"As for my opinions on everyone... Too early to say. I'm still figuring out how to pick at them and drive them nuts. I've introduced myself, made an impression, and now I just have to sit back and pay attention. I'll find a way to get inside their heads and stir up shit."
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Day 1: First Impressions
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