School's Out! Welcome to Mad House 4. This season features 16 house guests battling it out in High School Clique-themed teams.
Who are you rooting for: the Jocks, the Populars, the Nerds or the Outcasts?
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 Week 7 - Decision Made

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PostSubject: Week 7 - Decision Made   Wed Aug 16, 2017 2:58 pm

Manda sits down with a huge sigh, then starts fanning herself gleefully. “Oh. My. GAWD. SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED!”

She leans back with a brilliant grin and lounges across the couch. “Okay so,”

“I’m making my decision: I’m taking Deressa and Morgan to the final three.”

“I wasn’t too sure about who I wanted to win, but I mean… why should I put it on myself to pick ONE PERSON? I guess Deressa’s story is a little better in my mind, but either she or Morgan should really have that money over… Boycrazy, Master Chef, Rich Football Dude, or Jesus. Like Jesus don’t need money wut?”

“As far as the other relevants—Kenji and Robin—I’m not really sure what I’m doing with them. Aside from Robin’s pathetic attempts to start beef with me, or her genuine stupidity in THINKING we have beef, she’s completely lame. Like I could totally see leaving her in the game for another few weeks just so we can destroy her in a competition. She’s pointless.”

“Kenji’s… cool. Very weird. I don’t know if he’s a threat or not—I kinda feel like he got lucky with all the votes he managed to manipulate. Plus, he seems to have chilled out a LOT lately.” She shakes her head. “No consistency with that boy, but I like chilling with him.”

“My plan for now is to pick off the herd, try to get Deressa to play a little more aggressively, and try to get Morgan on Deressa’s side. Once Dio and Valenda are gone, I think I’ll be able to get him to play nice, but I just need him to trust that I’ll get him into the finals.”

“If I win the next challenge, BOOM. I’ve proven I can dominate this game. If I at least come second, maybe I’ll be alright.”

“I don’t know how much longer I can waste time doing stupid petty drama… That slip up with Dio and the letter might cost me some brownie points, but I think I can spin it to make myself sound a little better. I’m also gonna have to hit up Je’Raldo and make sure he’s got his head in the game.”

She sighs, throwing her head back with a dramatic grunt. “SO much to do and SO little time! What’s a rich girl to do?”
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Week 7 - Decision Made
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