School's Out! Welcome to Mad House 4. This season features 16 house guests battling it out in High School Clique-themed teams.
Who are you rooting for: the Jocks, the Populars, the Nerds or the Outcasts?
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 Kyle's Mad House Recap: Week 6

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PostSubject: Kyle's Mad House Recap: Week 6   Sun Aug 20, 2017 1:55 am

A cut of classic YouTuber music fades in from the black. A flick effect happens and Kyle is on the screen

"Hey Extravagants! Latex here coming at you with a brand new series!"

"Well, let's cut right to the chase; House Ambassador competition! This week's HA was my homegirl, Robin! I am SO proud of you hun! You're finally making moves in the house and that makes me happy!" He makes a heart out of his hands.

"In the HA Bedroom, Morgan, Robin, and Valenda all talk about being in an alliance together and backdooring Cash, which I mean, is a great move, he had no connections besides Ti'Shawn, who's gone so, now is a great time to get him out. BUT That's just me!"

"So here's a real juicy part of this week; SOMEONE thought it would be an amazing idea to mess with my dude Morgan, by taking his letters from home and hiding them in someone else's shit. Our lovely Manda did half of the work, hiding it in Je'Raldo's gear. After Morgan wondering what happened, Kenji slithered in and 'helped' Morgan look for it, then RIPPED. HIS. LETTER. If my jaw could drop all the way to the first story of my apartment complex, I would." He throws a cup across the room.

"OH! But it doesn't stop there! Morgan falls for all of this and storms off to find Je'Raldo. He finally finds him and they go AT. IT. HENNY! Morgan is still blinded by the whole thing, he can't sit there and actually listen to Je'Raldo. I love Morgan, I see him as a pal, but they really should've acted like adults on this. But, what's done is done."

"The Nomination Ceremony! Basically, Robin puts up Manipulative Manda and Under-The-Radar Queen Marlee, smart choices hun!"

"And now, back to the letter mess, Manda finds Je and talks to him about the whole situation. Manda manipulates Je'Raldo's rage towards the Power of Protection and hopes he wins and told him to use it on her and not on Marlee because Marlee has more connections? I mean alright hun."

"So, a hella big twist just appears out of nowhere for Cash, he is the only one summoned to the backyard. There are two pedestals; one with $10k from the prize money, and letters from home for everyone. He can either give everyone letters from home, or take the $10k from the prize money, and forfeit his spot in the game. As one selfish person does, he takes the $10k, as if he needs it, and shreds the letters from home with pure hatred. He has no idea how bad it makes him look, whether the money is for a good cause or not, but his wovewy widdle fans will understand!!"

"Power of Protection Competition! With all that determination, Je'Raldo won the Power of Protection! So proud!"

"And as far as the POP Meeting goes, he actually uses it on Manda and Robin put up Kenji. As it is deserved. Glad he was on there."

"Val actually decided to have a heart and threw a party for the Houseguests, how sweet! But Valenda wasn't feeling it, she seemed very depressed, and I wasn't paying attention enough to see if she was alright or not. Hope she is."

"And the live eviction, how lovely. But not lovely enough, Marlee was evicted with 6 votes against her. I mean I didn't wanna see a floater that much longer in the house, but I would've rather've seen Kenji gone. What he did to Morgan was unforgivable."

"Well, that's all the time I have for this week kids! I will see you guys in the near future!" He blows a kiss at the monitor, wink, and fades to black.
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Kyle's Mad House Recap: Week 6
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