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 Secret Audition (RP w/ Soccer bros)

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PostSubject: Secret Audition (RP w/ Soccer bros)   Wed Aug 23, 2017 3:19 pm

"Dude I am soo loving this."
Laughter fills the locker room of the New York Soccer stadium.
"Did anyone tell him already?"
"Naw man that takes the fun away!"
"But if he’ll make it in-"
"Chill bro, he will find out soon enough when that happens"

At that moment Dio leaves the shower area, drying off his hair.
"Who will find out what?"

His teammates look up from the laptop they were looking at and all start grinning.
Dio nervously looks from person to person while he forces a laugh.
"What, did I do something wrong? Was it about that last reporter because I swear I didn't mean to offend him-"
One of the shorter guys interrupts him.

"Naw that's not it Dee, though that was hilarious." He pokes him in the stomach. "We did you a favor so be kind and say ‘thank you Guido, and thank you all for this opportunity.”
Dio looks confused but then glares at him.
"Whatchu trying to say dude... You're being vague again"

Another guy picks up the laptop and hits the play button. A video starts playing. First we see Dio and his teammates getting ready for a game. The image freezes and the camera zooms in on Dio's face (way too close) next is a bunch of poorly edited video fragments where Dio appears in, including some interviews he did. There are also some fragments of home video’s, and even one he never saw before where he lied passed out on a couch while drooling – did they film him after that party? Not cool…
He hears one of his friends doing a voice over, while he is still confused it starts to make sense. It was an audition tape…..

*voice over* “See? Dio is your man! He’s funny, he’s interesting, he’s awkward aka double funny, and he’s an idiot. A kind idiot though. We all guarantee you, he WILL get into trouble. So pick him, you won’t regret it!” stifled laughter is heard after the last sentence.

Dio frowns and crosses his arms.
“You didn’t even ask me? Guys that’s kinda rude.”

A young, tanned guy with short hair gives him a playful push and then swings an arm around Dio. “You just need a push, and we all know this would be great for you, Gramps.” He grins, but the others aren’t laughing with him.
Dio simply shrugs.
“Idk what you’re talking about, while yeah it looks like fun, I don’t NEED to do this. I have a job y’know? Maybe you knew already, not sure” he jokes as he ties his hair up.

Guido sucks in his breath and holds it for a few seconds.
"Dio dude, you know about the rumors, right?"

He chuckles and waves off his concern.
"Yeah yeah I did, everyone did. But it's just RUMORS like you just said.
Why would they ever want to sell me to an European club?" he grins as he put on a shirt. "We're a team like I won't have any fun if I can't block Davy's view on purpose. I am used to our gameplay, I won't be any good anywhere else."

Guido puts his hands in his side and his teammates go stand behind him.
"Dee, you're 25 and soon you'll be 26. Plus you got that knee injury that held you back a lot during our last games... How long did you think they would want to... keep you?"

It's completely silent in the locker room now. Dio stares to the floor, not knowing what to say.
They were.... right....

He was... 'old'... compared to his teammates... Guido was closest to his age with 23 but still so young compared to him. Plus the dude didn't have any health issues. While he never feared being fired, there's always a point where a sportsman has to quit his job. He-  he didn't think it would get so close already.
"I might have a few years left to play, I mean some quit at 30 right?" he grins nervously, but he knew that the rumors must be true then. He didn't want to play at a different club - so quitting would be his best option. Damn... He never expected the day to turn out this real so suddenly.

"You don't need to worry Dee. We got your back. We need you in our team, but just in case.. It would be good to get your name out there, y'know? Maybe start that little acting career you talked about before.
*cough WhenYouWereDrunkButIKnowItWasSerious cough*

Dio gives his friend a punch in the shoulder but then cracks a smile.
"Thanks guys... I appreciate it. You're still a bunch of rude buffoons... But you look out for me while I'm not. You're amazing rude buffoons."

Hey all have a short, manly group hug and leave the lockerroom soon after.

(*twirls around* THE END)
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Secret Audition (RP w/ Soccer bros)
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