School's Out! Welcome to Mad House 4. This season features 16 house guests battling it out in High School Clique-themed teams.
Who are you rooting for: the Jocks, the Populars, the Nerds or the Outcasts?
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 Kyle's Mad House Recap: Week 8

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PostSubject: Kyle's Mad House Recap: Week 8   Sat Aug 26, 2017 11:12 am

A cut of classic YouTuber music fades in from the black. A flick effect happens and Kyle is on the screen

"Hey Extravagants! Latex here coming at you with another episode of Kyle's Mad House Recap!"

"Alright, cutting to the chase, The House Ambassador Competition! That win goes straight to Miss Manda! Congrats hun!"

"As Manda moves into the HA Suite, she gets a letter from Satoshi of all people! Well, I'm glad that they're both trying not to stay on bad terms with one another... That's very smart of them..." Kyle says with a slight frown, but shakes off the feeling of sadness.

"Well! How about those nominations?! Nisha and Dio, huh? Wonder what she was thinking when she put them up. She did make very vauge remarks before announcing. Interesting..."

"But we did find out where Dio lies with Manda, they're friends, and Manda needed a pawn."

"Also it comes to our attention that Manda might be backdooring Robin? Which is crazy! But now makes more sense as to why she has Nisha up now. Huh. Manda is being very smart this week"

"But apparently not smart enough because Robin can sense it from a mile away! She even wants to stir the pot between Manda and her alliance member! Yikes!"

"Power Of Protection!! Woo! Angelica from Season 1 was the host, which I am jealous of. There were lots of punishments given, and Manda may've gotten stuck with the worst one, a Mad Houseā„¢ Haircut! Well, wasn't the worst for her, she is all on that shit and loves herself bald. Go you hun! And Nisha She also got hit with that Power of Veto! And at the ceremony, she uses it on... Nisha?! Wow! But she didn't backdoor Robin, she put up Kenji instead! Which I don't understand why, I wasn't paying attention."

"But in the end, Kenji is the one evicted with 5 votes against him, and 0 against Dio, thank GOODNESS Dio is saved!" He sits there and gets an idea

"Maybe NOW I can get my way back on the show! I'll be right back!" He leaves and calls his lawyer of a brother

It cuts and it shows Kyle near his bedroom door. You can kinda hear what he's saying. "What do you MEAN I can't sue the show because of something I DID?! I was unfairly eliminated!" Silence filled the room as Kyle listened. "Yeah I did hit the button, but still!! It's not fair!" Silence again. "UGH! FINE JEFFERY!" He hangs up and throws his phone on his bed. He remembers that he's still recording so he goes back over.

"Well, that's all for this week guys! I will see you guys in the near future!" He blows a kiss at the monitor, wink, and fades to black.

In the black, you can hear an aggressive scream, then the video cuts off.
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Kyle's Mad House Recap: Week 8
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