School's Out! Welcome to Mad House 4. This season features 16 house guests battling it out in High School Clique-themed teams.
Who are you rooting for: the Jocks, the Populars, the Nerds or the Outcasts?
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 POP Competition

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PostSubject: POP Competition   Fri Sep 01, 2017 1:07 am

"This POP is honestly obnoxious. Having to run around the backyard to find matching pictures is tiring. I'm trying my best to pick up my speed. Winning this POP means everything to me. Not only does it prevent me from going up, but I could save one of my girls. Also, with Nisha's secret power she could also save herself from the block. Then the girls and I will have full power to decide who goes home. Whether its Morgan or Deressa."
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POP Competition
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