School's Out! Welcome to Mad House 4. This season features 16 house guests battling it out in High School Clique-themed teams.
Who are you rooting for: the Jocks, the Populars, the Nerds or the Outcasts?
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 Seriously? Why Me?

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PostSubject: Seriously? Why Me?   Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:19 pm

"Out of everyone they casted, the producers really decided to pull the rival thing on me? Why me exactly?! There is literally nobody else on Earth that hates my guts apart from this lunatic and I'm surprised they took their time to dig THAT deep into my personal life. Zella was my roommate in college. My other roommates and I were constantly harrassed by her to the point where one day my friend, Michael, couldn't handle her nonsense any longer and called her out. As a response Zella threatened him and I witnessed the whole thing...she's nuts! I reported her and in the end she got expelled. Of course she still blames me for it, instead of reflecting on her actions like a sane person would. I don't regret snitching, I was worried for my friend. I'm sure the rest of the house guests will understand once I share what happened with them."
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Seriously? Why Me?
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