School's Out! Welcome to Mad House 4. This season features 16 house guests battling it out in High School Clique-themed teams.
Who are you rooting for: the Jocks, the Populars, the Nerds or the Outcasts?
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 Keep calm and cool

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PostSubject: Keep calm and cool   Thu Oct 12, 2017 6:45 am

"I didn't really expect the first week of nominations to have me so nervous and paranoid. I guess it's because I don't really like approaching people first and that probably gives others the wrong impression, especially the social butterfly types. I really do love making friends and taking care of others, but it just takes me a while to let loose. I guess I have some mild trust issues. Or maybe I'm scared if there's bigots in this house? There was a trans man the previous season and he managed to go so far into the game without any type of discrimination, so that gave me hope to apply. Yeah, I'm a trans woman. I don't necessarily think I need to keep it a secret, but right now it sounds like a risk that may put me in danger. I really wish to stay here for as long as possible, heck, even win. I definitely need to step out of my comfort zone to be able to achieve that. Just hoping I can keep chill in the process, even if I have to go against my own principles such as flirting with men just to keep me in the game....yuck, what was I thinking?"
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Keep calm and cool
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