Sixteen money-hungry, fame-seeking and just plain wacky contestants signed up to endure an entire summer locked up in a house fighting for One Million Dollars!
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 Week 1 - Vote

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PostSubject: Week 1 - Vote   Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:44 am

"I hate every single one of these fucking losers, my God..."
Zella adjusts her bandana and fixes up her hair.
"I will honestly enjoy beating all their asses, but as for this week's shitstains...I know I said I'll be pissed if Gyselle leaves if I don't take her out myself before, but right now I need her ass gone. I realized she is an irrelevant tranny with no sense of style and ironically lacks the balls to face me. She'll bore me to death. Spotty on the other hand seems like someone I'll enjoy humiliating. I can maybe even turn him into my slave at some point...he looks like enough of a pushover. Mhm, so many possibilities.
With that said I vote for Gyselle. Bye-bye, shemale!"

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Week 1 - Vote
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