School's Out! Welcome to Mad House 4. This season features 16 house guests battling it out in High School Clique-themed teams.
Who are you rooting for: the Jocks, the Populars, the Nerds or the Outcasts?
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 Kentucky Fried and Amberly Broiled

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PostSubject: Kentucky Fried and Amberly Broiled   Thu Nov 02, 2017 5:17 pm

"I sweer to gud that the only reason Y nobody is givin me attention is because everyone sucretly h8s me and dont have the balls to admut it." She  begins to yell louder "THEY KNOW I LUUK THE PERTTIES OUT OF ANYONE, N THAR JUST MAD JEALOUS CAUYSE I A 10 TIMES MURE RWREKVIOF WERFOWEFWF WRGI WERLG WEGG W WEFGWGJ WLGOWJG WOG WOFGWEPFGWIEGH 4OG WEFGOWJEG OFGWEJ FGWOEJGWEFOJE FGWOOFGW FGOW WOGJ WEGOJW EFGOWEG WEOG OJ WSVKJS AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

A few minutes of ranting Amberly tries to calm herself down.

"It's gume time beetches"
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Kentucky Fried and Amberly Broiled
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