This season, 16 houseguests are after THE JACKPOT! When they roll the dice, will they be willing to bluff and win it all?
Find out on Mad House 6: Casino!This season it's all or nothing, and we're stacked with wildcards.
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 Week 1- What is this stupid twist?

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PostSubject: Week 1- What is this stupid twist?   Mon Mar 19, 2018 8:36 pm

Jamila lets out a huge sigh and folds her arms "Why are there teams this season!? I don't need other people possibly bringing me down... I mean at least I'll be with other smart individuals but still, I like to depend on myself. Guess we'll see how this turns out. I should have expected this twist." She puts her palm on her forehead and shakes her head
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Week 1- What is this stupid twist?
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