This season, 16 houseguests are after THE JACKPOT! When they roll the dice, will they be willing to bluff and win it all?
Find out on Mad House 6: Casino!This season it's all or nothing, and we're stacked with wildcards.
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 Week 4 - I SAID I'm a GOOD. PERSON.

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Week 4 - I SAID I'm a GOOD. PERSON. Empty
PostSubject: Week 4 - I SAID I'm a GOOD. PERSON.   Week 4 - I SAID I'm a GOOD. PERSON. Clock10Sun Apr 08, 2018 7:25 pm

"Now that Monica's gone, I feel like I've gotta do something to balance out my karma. Like." Rae pouted--lips trembled, eyes sparkled with tears, the 'sad princess' look was pretty damn spot on.

"Like. I'm a GOOD. PERSON. Yea, I'm in three separate alliances that are all working against each other, and I sent home Monica right when we were starting to be friends, and I'm trying to get into a showmance just for attention but. Like. Not in a MEAN way!"


So, clearly, the girl was... Crackt. You could even go so far as to say 'crazy'. But, the situation was a little more nuanced than that.

"Like, I could dominate this game if everyone wasn't so nice. I see moves that I could take, and I avoid them because I like people so much!"

"I could have send Jedd home and kept Monica around to manipulate. That would ensure Natalie's loyalty to the alliance and keep her from getting distracted by man candy, but I couldn't do it."

"I could straight up betray my Breakfast Bitches and go all-in on Ryan's alliance, but I LOVE my Bitches! They're so sweet!"

"I could totally manipulate Harley since she's obviously got the hots for me, but I'm not even gonna get into what a messy and gross thing that would be."

"I guess I'm just... Gonna see how everything turns out, try hard to keep from upsetting anyone, and... Uh..." She sat there quietly for a moment, biting her lip and sniffling. God she was such a crybaby. "Y'know what, it's a competition! They're expecting to be betrayed! I'm just gonna focus on being their friend and take whatever opportunities come my way--I can do both, right?"
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Week 4 - I SAID I'm a GOOD. PERSON.
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