This season, contestants compete in hellish challenges for a chance at safety--and a heavenly cash prize--in Mad House 8: Heaven and Hell
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 Goodbye Friends~

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Goodbye Friends~ Empty
PostSubject: Goodbye Friends~   Goodbye Friends~ Clock10Mon Apr 09, 2018 3:59 pm

Monica exhales out all of her stress. She smiles "Thank God. I get to go home. I just don't think I was quite strong enough for this house, not yet at least."

"I- I'm still shocked I got some votes to stay. C.C. and Ryan
(Ayyeeee shout out to the viewers <333) still voted in my favor. I thought everyone would've hated me, but I guess..maybe not? I'm rooting for those 2! They saw hope in me."

"I also hope Natalie does well. It hurts that she likes Jedd, but I really do think we could have gotten along. Also! Monster! He did what he had to do, I don't begrudge him. Good Luck Bryan!.. and well.. Jedd, I think it's obvious I want him to win. Well, goodbye everyone!"
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Goodbye Friends~
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