This season, 16 houseguests are after THE JACKPOT! When they roll the dice, will they be willing to bluff and win it all?
Find out on Mad House 6: Casino!This season it's all or nothing, and we're stacked with wildcards.
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 Week 4 Eviction

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Week 4 Eviction Empty
PostSubject: Week 4 Eviction   Week 4 Eviction Clock10Wed Apr 11, 2018 12:16 am

Once again, another eviction is to come to the house. At this point, it isn't a surprise to Harley that she has to vote to send someone home. But the thing that did shock her was one of the nominees. One of her own friends, Natalie. She can admit that she can be a bit weird at times, but she is way too sweet to be sent home now. Not to mention, she still has a lot to learn from OH YEAH, SHE IS TOTALLY A COOL MOM!

"It's obvious for who I am gonna vote for, Bryan. What makes you think I am gonna send the blondie home. She still has potential. Bryan just...doesn't, in my opinion."
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Week 4 Eviction
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