This season, 16 houseguests are after THE JACKPOT! When they roll the dice, will they be willing to bluff and win it all?
Find out on Mad House 6: Casino!This season it's all or nothing, and we're stacked with wildcards.
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 [#4] No HA, but...

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[#4] No HA, but... Empty
PostSubject: [#4] No HA, but...   [#4] No HA, but... Clock10Sat Apr 14, 2018 3:16 am

Jay sits back all relaxed, and a small grin appears on his face.

'I think I fixed that little House Ambassador challenge pre-tty well. 'He presses down his sunglasses to watch over them directly into the camera. 'I want to be HA as much as the next person but honestly. Would it be smart? Maybe. Would it be favorable? Actually no. See, I won't be the one sending TWO people to jury! I'd be a bystander. Yet I have a say in it since my man De'Quan there' he points out the door. 'and I will think of noms together and no one knows about it. IF he keeps his word.' He has a pained expression. 'There's of course still the possibility he lied to me. Right now he has the benefit of the doubt, but. Can never be too sure. If De'Quan screws me over and me or one of the Breakfast bitcheeezzz becomes HA, he's a goner.'

Jay grabs a strand of hair and starts plucking at it. 'Honestly I'm also very relieved to be out of the have-not room! #byeC.C!' He laughs and continues. 'This game is tricky for suuureee, but you can win it without ever being House Ambassador! Let's just say I'm hella stoked that I'm immune this week.'  he leans forward and grins. 'Let the games begiiiiiiin!'
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[#4] No HA, but...
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