This season, contestants compete in hellish challenges for a chance at safety--and a heavenly cash prize--in Mad House 8: Heaven and Hell
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 Week 6 - Oops

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Week 6 - Oops Empty
PostSubject: Week 6 - Oops   Week 6 - Oops Clock10Fri Apr 27, 2018 12:49 pm

Do I feel bad that Jay is on the block? Yes, for sure. But this is a game after all and I came to play. I doubt that he'll go home this week over French Fry anyway. Plus there is no way that they can prove that I talked to Trixie." She crosses her legs "But I swear if Harley comes after me, I'm ready to prove that she is racist." She then looks at the camera and points "Roll the tape, tell me I heard her wrong. I'll wait."
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Week 6 - Oops
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