This season, contestants compete in hellish challenges for a chance at safety--and a heavenly cash prize--in Mad House 8: Heaven and Hell
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 Week 5 - Game On

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Week 5 - Game On Empty
PostSubject: Week 5 - Game On   Week 5 - Game On Clock10Thu Apr 19, 2018 5:28 pm

De'Quan steps into the diary room, shaking his head.

"Just from the brief discussion we had upstairs, I could tell that Rae was lyin' from the get-go. As an athlete, a lot of people think you can't notice they body language and how they actin when you bring up a certain topic. I knew I shoulda just trusted my gut, but it don't matter cause she's sittin in the throne now."

"Y'all believe me when I say that I was pissed when I saw my handsome face appear on that wall. But you know what? I said what I had to say and exposed the chick to err'body so that was it. I ain't got time to be arguin wit some female on live T.V. I'm too grown for dat!
Week 5 - Game On Giphy

So, all I'ma say is game on girl! But be warned cause if I'm leavin this weak, I'ma do a lot of damage along the way heh." He chuckles before getting up and sliding through the door.
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Week 5 - Game On
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